SUPERSPIRIT ALBUM Permission to Come Aboard OUT NOW (privately)


Mastered by the one and only Tim Love Lee!! at his studio in Dumbo. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to help us get this into a listenable format.

Please listen to his radio show with the Coach on EVR the Two for Tennis show on Tuesdays 6-8PM. and his pholk label Boy Scout,

also if you don’t know him by reputation alone, he is the man behind TummyTouch and you can peep his latest at his blog Sounds Good in the Nude

Stay tuned for a “record release” party details, and enjoy the first tune we did together and also off this album below. It is a moody acoustic goth burner, that has a vocodery part at the end. What more could you ask for?

Superspirit – A Seeker’s Secret

also, please contact for more info, or to inquire about the limited edition CD-R release.


About superspirit

Born of the coasts of Maine and California, with a Brooklyn base, the Superspirit essence from the everywhere and the omni-now, is here to travel into this new age with you.

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