Dinner to Superspirit!


we are sponsoring an event that our good friend Sarah Pace from Rabbit Mafia has been organizing, a delicious, raw, movable feast called the New Deal Supper Club.

this month it is at Greenspaces on Flatbush, and you will be graced with the sounds of Superspirit at your meal!

check out the info below…..

Unlike Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, the only thing complex about this supper club are the flavors of Rabbit Mafia and Sweet Potato’s dishes.

Enjoy a 3-course raw dinner at Green Spaces, located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. This month we’ve teamed up with two of our like-minded friends to bring you wild treasures from the sea and drinks to tame the August heat. Sea2Table brings you fresh, wild fish and 44° North Vodka — distilled in the mountains of Idaho — provides you with mouth watering drinks.

In the latest installment of The New Deal, we’re borrowing a dish from Latin America! Ceviche is a dish popular in many Latin American countries and lends itself to regional interpretation. A medley of citrus fruits, vegetables and spices “cooks” the seafood to a lightly tart and savory perfection! We’re serving up a Royal ceviche for the pescatarian in you, and our version of a mushroom ceviche for the vegetarians and vegans out there.

Featured Artist

Musical ambiance provided by Superspirit

About Superspirit

Superspirit is a family band whose music is literally out of this world — via Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Their improvised sound scapes transport you to a magical place where eastern influences, electronic and pop music meld to give you a musical experience like no other. Learn more


About superspirit

Born of the coasts of Maine and California, with a Brooklyn base, the Superspirit essence from the everywhere and the omni-now, is here to travel into this new age with you.

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