Spiritbear Radio Vol 2 – myspringturnsintosummer

Here is the new installment of Spiritbear’s radio mix show!

This one treated me well down on the mellow playas of Puerto Rico, especially after i broke a toe windsurfing and was sidelined to the pool on painkillers 😉

This mix is good for sunbathing, flying airplanes, and general daydreaming.

Super mellow folk, into folk rock, balearic, free soul, mostly from 60’s + early 70’s.

Artists include :

Cyrus Faryar, Threads of Grass, Kenny Rankin, Buffy Saint Marie, David Gilmour, Dion, Kevin Coyne, Odyssey, Jon Lucien



About superspirit

Born of the coasts of Maine and California, with a Brooklyn base, the Superspirit essence from the everywhere and the omni-now, is here to travel into this new age with you.


  1. erin

    Just a wee bit of info for the future:
    -You should really credit the artist of the cover of your album. ((charmaine olivia, for this particular piece) and any other artists work you have used)
    -Before this, CONTACT the artist and make sure using their work is kosher.

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