Spiritbear Radio Vol 3 – Summer’s Farewell

At the glorious end of the glorious summer, we find a few things have happened in the Superspirit camp.

1. We have overseen the musical direction for an awesome festival (The Wassaic Project). The feeling in the air was electric, the art was amazing, the weather was gift from the gods, and the music was perfect.

Pictures here:


2. We are nearly complete with the new album, You Can Make Good Things Happen, with it off for mastering! We are really proud of it, and hope you like it too.

Stay tuned here on this blog and here on facebook, become a fan!

3. Without further ado, Volume 3 of Spiritbear Radio

Summer’s Farewell – Spiritbear Radio Vol 3 by spiritbear


About superspirit

Born of the coasts of Maine and California, with a Brooklyn base, the Superspirit essence from the everywhere and the omni-now, is here to travel into this new age with you.


  1. mary

    this mix is heavenly. would you guys list the artists used? or more importantly what TALK TALK song is that?!

  2. The Plan: Appreciate and thank God for springtime! The Experience: I awoke this morning to a happy little bird singing outside my bedroom window. That bird sounded happy to be alive! Everything was so beautiful…the azaleas in full bloom, the purple springtime trees, the dogwoods, the spring flowers…and the weather was perfect, around 70 degrees. Just felt so good to be alive, taking in this glorious day…knowing it all came from God. Had fun playing with the kids outside…a game from my childhood, “Mother May I?” Good old-fashioned fun. On Reflection: I told my husband and kids that I think God was giving us a sneak preview of heaven on a day like today. I know heaven is going to be even more beautiful, but today was awesome. There is so much beauty around us, if we just take the time to notice and soak it in. My Prayer: Thank You, God, for your gift of springtime. Amen.

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