Hello all,

Here is our debut album, Permission to Come Aboard, for download.

the album is mixed as a gapless album, meaning no gaps in between songs. if it doesnt import as such, you can select the songs after you import, Get Info, and check off “Part of gapless album”. then you get that nice flow from song-to-song.

Let us know how you feel about it, we would love to know.




  1. Eda Busby

    love it… it……love it!!! I love eastern music and world music…your blend is awesome and your tallents jump out of the music and say “experience me”…just incredible! Thank you! Eda

  2. Hi Superspirit,
    I have blog with free music, and I want your album. But I can´t download it from divshare! any chance to reupload your album. Please. And thanks.
    Greetings from Czech Republic

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